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[X]Jimmi: Site is running on latest e107 github version (26.6)
[X]Jimmi: If checkboxes in your profile don't work, clear browser cache.
[X]Jimmi: Relive theme download still works. If you don't correct permission, don't report broken link please. Add correct class in your profile, see last (now) chatbox message
[X]Jimmi: I know that my demos are down,
[X]Jimmi: You can left message here without registration. Jmeno = name, Vzkaz = message.
[X]JM: Landing Zero 2 - version 1.1 added. Now available in boxed version.
[X]Jimako: Sorry, this is not in English and it's not responsive. If you don't see it fully on mobiles, switch to landscape.

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