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claudine - 13. 9. 2015 19.26 - Odpovědět X

merci beaucoup pour ces jolis kits !! j'ai hâte de les utiliser !

Bee - 13. 8. 2015 15.17 - Odpovědět X

Thanks so very much


jamie - 9. 8. 2014 6.41 - Odpovědět X

thank you for sharing your kits :)

Robbin - 25. 5. 2013 0.50 - Odpovědět X

Just want to thank you so much for all of your beautiful scrapkits!!


Kateygames - 6. 3. 2013 20.31 - Odpovědět X

I love your work. Thanks so much for sharing.

Kathy - 14. 9. 2012 1.57 - Odpovědět X

Wow! I am truly blown away by your talent! I wasn't sure this style would work for my needs, but downloaded a few of your freebies, opened them, and am in awe of your creativity! You bring a fresh perspective to digital scrapbooking that will make for some amazing layouts. Thank you so much for sharing your talents!! (I only wish that you had a Facebook page that I could "like" to follow along in your artistic journey, as I always forget to check blogs).

winolet - 10. 9. 2012 13.50 - Odpovědět X

Thank you for the kits; the only one I couldn't get was the March 15, 2011 HOPPIT because the link does not work.

Ranelle - 20. 6. 2012 19.14 - Odpovědět X

Thank you for your wonderful Scrapkits. They're amazing!

cesc - 17. 3. 2012 22.40 - Odpovědět X

Thanks for your imaginative kit. Your cities are "out of this world!" This is truly a journey to another world.

Sherri - http://simply4u2010.blogspot.com/ 12. 2. 2012 8.19 - Odpovědět X

I used your "With A Little Luck" kit along with a template I just made to do a tutorial on my blog. I made you a tag from the tut as well, but I can't find an email on your blog here to send it to. Please email me at the above email and I will be happy to send your tag to you. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful kit!!